Why 3 UNI is different

Different than only Crowdfunding

3 UNI is not just one more crowdfunding website. Besides offering our platform, we are actively involved in advertising all campaigns. 3 UNI also educates Christians about God’s heart for adoption and bring awareness to the cause in different scenarios.

Different than most crowdfunding websites

3 UNI is a recognized non-for-profit organization in the US and your donations to us are tax-deductible. When you donate to one of the causes we display, you are actually donating to 3UNI and we will give grants to the causes.

Different than other non-for profits

We are highly committed to transparency and only display needs of recipients that accept our transparency terms. The recipient of our grants have to able to accept unscheduled visits from any donor and be able to keep proof of use of the funds for 2 years. We also request a recommendation letter from a local church attesting the good faith of the recipient.