Sponsor a Child in Guinea Bissau


Since 2011 Pr. Roberto Goncalves and his wife, Pra. Pryscila, along with their team are dedicating their lives to the children they serve at "Projeto Transformar"  (“Transformation Project”). They feel touched by the unmet basic needs of the residents of the communities Guinea Bissau.

OUR GOAL IS $2,000 By April 14, 2018

  • SO FAR WE HAVE $1,720

  • With 71 supporters.




A family might be available and have all it takes to adopt a child, but it lacks financial resources

We strongly believe in the power of the body of Christ to make “the bridge” between the child and a family. 

We are here to display the needs of Christian families that are adopting, ministries that are supporting bio family preservation, or even volunteer opportunities that will bless orphans.

Our platform displays small ministries, that are working hard on the field and often do not have the resources to advertise their needs, or to raise funds outside of their home countries. We also use our platform to bring awareness of the many different ways you can help and change a life of a child. 

Our Mission: Connect Christians (need to resources) to bless orphans.

Our Vision: A family for every child.


There are approximately 145 million children in the world that do not have a father or mother, and 15 million don’t have both. These numbers are giants, but we can make a difference if we ZOOM IN to each campaign displayed here. Each campaign display the needs of REAL CHILDREN, for whom your donation will mean FAMILY. Some campaigns are to help families to adopt a child, some is to help ministries to provide education to children in developing countries, but the bottom line is each campaign has the ultimate goal of helping the orphans. 

Many orphans live in developing countries, where the system makes it even harder to be adopted. They have little chances to grow in a family, for many reasons, including: unlicensed orphanages, failure in terminating parental rights, unavailable documents and money. Money to cover adoption costs (in country or internationally), or money so their bio family is able to minimally feed them.

We want to change this. We can change this! If we change it for one child, it will be worth all the effort!

Adopt a child - 3uni helps to connect families with orphan children