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Thank you for visiting our Campaign! You are an answer to our prayers.

3UNI is connecting you to a Ministry that is assisting African Children to be raised in their own family (not in orphanages) through Education and Nutrition in Guinea Bissau. Guine Bissau is a small country in the Western African coast; recently emancipated from Portugal (1974) and plagued by political crisis and instability. Its GDP per Capita is $620 (to make it easier to understand, the GDP PC in the U.S. is $57,466.79).

Since 2011 Pr. Roberto Goncalves and his wife, Pra. Pryscila, along with their team are dedicating their lives to the children they serve at "Projeto Transformar"  (“Transformation Project”). They feel touched by the unmet basic needs of the residents of the communities Guinea Bissau.

The project consists in changing children's lives through education using the Principles Approach, ( from AECP Association of Christian Schools of the Principles Approach in Portuguese) and nutrition, aiming at the great commission and citizenship. By doing that we care for their spiritual needs, prevent children to become orphans as we support their biological families to raise them and still provide education so they  become productive in the adulthood.

Currently the school in Guinea Bissau, Africa, operates in a large rented house in the neighborhood of Pluba 2, where dozens of children are reached by the love and volunteer work of our missionaries. Divided into classes and educational level, they are guided by teachers, a coordinator and an assistant director. This team also has a person who cook the meals and a general services assistant.

When you support us either by praying, volunteering and being a sponsor of $20.00/month, you help our organization preserve children's families and to consolidate them , either local families or tabancas(ethnic communities) in faith through the gospel of Jesus Christ .

Please see our reference letter from Life with Life Church in Doral, FL (USA)  Reference Letter .jpg

and pictures

Pr. Roberto Visiting the community

Pr. Roberto Visiting the community

School time

School time

School time

School time

Service moment



Which church is backing up this campaign?
Life with Life Church in Doral, FL.

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