Frequently Asked Questions

What is required from the requestors (Requesting institutions or families)

A – When registering as a requestor, you will complete an online profile and upload the supporting documents. Once your support documentation is approved, your profile is made available to supporters.

What to include in a fundraising profile

We are very enthusiastic about providing our platform for as many fundraisers as possible. Please fill out our profile form with as much detail as possible. Please include a video and pictures. English captioning is encouraged in all videos and English description in each picture are also strongly encouraged. We would also like to include details on how you will provide information on what you did with the grant provided, once you receive it.

Where does the money go?

Your donation is being made to 3 UNI for Orphans “3 UNI”– and will be designated to the project or family you have selected, according to 3 UNI’s discretion but as close as possible to your option.

The total grant to a receiver, could be more or less than the designated gifts, and depends on actual costs and the amount raised at the online platform. We actively solicit donations from individuals and corporations to support 3 UNI’s mission. Our goal is to provide grants that meet or exceed the designated gifts for each individual requestor.

The IRS requires that a non-for-profit organization to make an independent evaluation of grants. On a monthly basis, 3 UNI Board awards grants to requestors based on donor designations at 3 UNI’s discretion. The total grant to the requestor could be more or less than the designated gifts. In case the grant is given in less amount than collected, it will be justified.

All of the non-designated donations made through the “donate to 3 UNI” button, will go towards 3 UNI’s day-to-day expenses.

What kind of documentation is needed for grant requests?

When applying for a grant, you must send in all supporting documents,  that provide 3UNI’s board evidence that the amount requested is compatible with your need.  You must also provide a letter of reference from a local Christian church, signed by the Church Leader and with contact information.

If you are a prospective adoptive family: you will need to send your Social Worker’s approval to adopt. You will abide in keeping adoption expenses records and receipts  for at least two year.

If you are an institution: You will agree in receive unscheduled visits from any donor at any time and to upload pictures or videos with the result of the donations.

How long does it take to get a grant awarded?

Grants are reviewed by 3UNI’s Board in the first week of every calendar month. The bank can take about 5 business days to process and send out the amount.

Do we get a receipt after donating?

Yes, you get a receipt immediately when you donate using a credit card through our platform’s profiles.


When are payments posted to the receiver profile?

Credit card donations are posted immediately.


How long does it take to get a profile live at 3UNI’s crowdfunding platform?

Once you have submitted your profile request, you will have the receipt immediately. Your request for a profile and supporting documentation will be submitted to our local partner church for evaluation. After the local church approval, 3UNI’s board will authorize your profile to go live immediately.

How long can we keep our profile up?

At 3 UNI’s platform, you will choose to withdraw when your campaign goal is reached or in a specific date with any amount collected. It will be your choice.

Can we donate cash or by check?

No, we have opted for a cashless experience to provide as much transparency as possible to our supporters. We only receive credit cards or PayPal donations.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

3 UNI is a federally recognized charitable organization. We will provide you with a receipt, your donation may be tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for specific tax advice.